Sam Chan (iceblade) wrote,
Sam Chan

i'm back.

havent touched this in more than a month...actually i wanted to just stop lah but since yn ay suddenly asked me and i thot, "yeah, why not?" so i decided to get off my lazy ass and do this

of coz as i type this i am still on my lazy ass. i cant stand much now. i had mass pe today. today i finished reading slamdunk volume 31. the last book. "because i'm a genius" (last frame of the book).

this thursday i think im gonna watch BIG FISH with 2SB2... hmm sometimes i feel an estrangement from my ex-class coz im close to some of them becoz theyre good friends but to the others im just an exclassmate. oh yeah, yn ay is happily surprised as im typing this and wants me to tell the world she said hi.

"HI!" [retarded voice =)]

sorrie yn ay, couldnt help it...anyway, i gotta watch the oscar's tape tmr although i roughly know tt LOTR overkilled with 11 and roughly who won wat... also have to watch boston public and download all the tracks of John Mayer's Heavier Things. ILLEGALLY. cause i cant rip them of the CD like i did for Room For Squares. ILLEGALLY. after tt i'll return them to nicole. i also have to return slamdunk to marco.
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