Sam Chan (iceblade) wrote,
Sam Chan

imma disrespectful bastard.

i think ive been too disrepectful lately. coz last week i was fucking sian to the point of pms-ing and i was like almost telling off anyone who pissed me of or irritated me.

quote: "eh tze yee, wat are you doing here?! where's your class? don't u think youre damn extra?"

ok la, tt's still not too bad, but its more the tone and the circumstance i said it. ask minghan. anyway im also becoming quite bitchy nowadays. and coldhearted. and impatient. hey, im just letting ppl know how fucked up they are so they wouldnt keep making stupid mistakes. like stalking ppl to BK and waiting outside the northlodge for 40 minutes to say bye. or purposely going to expensive places to eat lunch just to act rich/act cool.

and no im not referring to anyone above. All the characters above are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. but it's no coincidence im feeling like a bastard.

i hate goblins, snakes and ok lah i dont hate the last one hahaha.(SB2 inside joke)
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